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they lock up. Rezar with knees and a front face lock as we go to commercial.

We are back and Akam tags in and he punches Dunne while Rezar holds Dunne. Dunne with punches but Akam with kicks. Akam with punches to Dunne and he applies a head lock while trapping the arm. Dunne gets to the ropes and he chops Akam. Dunne with punches but Akam sends him into the corner and connects with kicks. Rezar tags in and he kicks Dunne. Rezar with a forearm to the back followed by a kick for a near fall. Rezar with a knee to send Dunne to the mat. Akam tags in and he kicks Dunne and gets a near fall.

Rezar tags back in and Dunne with punches but Akam with a boot off the turnbuckles as Rezar hits a side slam and Rezar gets a near fall. Rezar with punches and he gets a near fall. Rezar with punches and he tags Akam back in. Akam with a kick to the head. Akam with another kick to the head. Akam looks at Strong and that allows Dunne to go to the hand and pull at the fingers. Dunne with kicks to the head but Akam keeps Dunne from making the tag.

Dunne with a flatline and Strong tags in. Strong with forearms to Rezar. Strong kicks Akam off the apron and then kicks Rezar. Strong with a series of running forearms but Rezar stays on his feet. Strong with a drop kick to send Rezar to the mat. Strong with a baseball slide to Akam. Strong with a running knee followed by an Olympic Slam for a near fall. Strong with a running knee into the corner and Dunne tags in. Strong with a running forearm followed by a running enzuigiri from Dunne. Dunne with a double stomp for a near fall.

Dunne with a boot to the head and he applies a triangle but Rezar picks Dunne up and Akam tags in and they hit a neck breaker and power bomb combination but Strong breaks up the cover. Rezar goes over the top rope when Strong ducks down. Strong makes the tag and Dunne with an enzuigiri followed by a Bitter End and Cloud 9 for a near fall. Strong with a jumping knee and Dunne with an enzugiiri to Akam and Rezar. Akam and Rezar with clotheslines to Dunne and Strong and all four men are down.

Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly go to the ring and attack all four men and the referee calls for the bell.

Cole and Kyle attack Akam and Rezar and send them to the floor. Then they attack Dunne and Strong.

Cole and O’Reilly back up the ramp and William Regal’s music plays.

William says that is very smart. Due to Bobby Fish’s injury you think that if there is no winner, you won’t have to defend the tag titles at Takeover. That is not smart enough. At Takeover, it will be Undisputed Era versus Roderick Strong and Pete Dunne versus the Authors of Pain for the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Cup and the winner will be the NXT Tag Team Champions.

We have a video package for the North American Title Match.

Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly stop William Regal to complain about Adam having to wrestle twice. Regal says they have three options. Cole can wrestle twice, Kyle can wrestle on his own, or Adam can withdraw from the ladder match and wrestle with Kyle for the tag titles.

Match Number Three: Lars Sullivan versus Killian Dain

They lock up and Dain with a forearm on the break. They lock up again to a stalemate. Dain with a punch and Sullivan punches back. They both connect with forearms. They connect with European uppercuts and Dain with a bicycle kick to send Sullivan to the floor. Sullivan sends Dain into the apron as we go to commercial.

We are back and Sullivan with a crossface and then he works on the neck. Sullivan with more crossfaces. Sullivan with a vice on the neck as Dain gets back to his feet and he punches Sullivan. Sullivan with a knee and he gets Dain up but Dain with elbows to get Sullivan to release the hold. Dain with forearms and Sullivan misses a clothesline. Dain gets Sullivan up on the shoulders and he hits the Belfast Blitz. Dain goes for the Vader Bomb but Sullivan gets his knees up.

Sullivan with a short arm clothesline. Sullivan goes to the apron and turnbuckles but Dain stops Sullivan. Dain with a forearm and he climbs the turnbuckles. They exchange forearms and both men fall off the turnbuckles and hit the apron as they hit the floor.

Velveteen Dream comes to the ring and he climbs up top and Adam Cole makes his way to the ring and Dream goes to the mat and he stands in front of Cole for an Adam Cole Bay Bay. Dream poses and then EC3 makes his way to the ring.

Dain gets on the apron and so does Sullivan. All five men are in the ring and Ricochet’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Ricochet comes into the ring and does a springboard into the superhero landing..

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