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NXT TakeOver Digitals| Video Captures

Where there’s a wall, there’s a war – and that much was certain following the demolition derby that took place inside STAPLES Center. Whereas The Undisputed ERA claimed victory in last year’s devastating WarGames Match, the nefarious faction tasted defeat this year — as NXT North American Champion Ricochet, WWE U.K. Champion Pete Dunne & War Raiders stepped out of the intimidating double cage as masters of warfare.

A rematch of the NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV started the first five minutes of the match, as NXT North American Champion Ricochet went toe-to-toe with Adam Cole. Picking up where their previous confrontations left off, the two unloaded a series of hard hits, including Cole catching a leaping Ricochet out of the air with a vertebra-pounding backstabber.

Once the first period expired, Kyle O’Reilly, who won the WarGames advantage for Undisputed ERA earlier this week on NXT, rushed out of the shark cage near the entrance way and into the ring to lend a helping hand to Cole. Together, the Undisputed ERA brothers landed a devastating Ushigoroshi on The One and Only. After the second period ended, War Raiders’ Hanson was the next to enter the action, pushing Dunne aside and bulldozing his way into WarGames, laying waste to both Cole and O’Reilly. At one point, Hanson went down on all fours to allow Ricochet to springboard off his back and land a Shooting Star Press on O’Reilly.

Later, Roderick Strong and Rowe entered the ring, sending the brewing chaos in the dual ring to boiling levels. Drama unfolded when Bobby Fish, competing in his first match since undergoing knee surgery for a torn ACL, used the padlock from his cage to lock Dunne in his own cage before tossing the key into the crowd. To keep Dunne from grabbing his fingers through the cage, Fish attacked The BruiserWeight’s knee, which was injured last Wednesday night. From there, Fish and the rest of Undisputed ERA unloaded on Dunne’s teammates with ERA-branded steel chairs, exploiting their four-on-three advantage.

The match turned into a battlefield, and the vestiges of war were apparent as bodies flew across both rings. But by the time referees finally broke Dunne out of his cage with a pair of bolt cutters, it was all-out bedlam.

A spear from Fish folded Rowe through a mounted table, and a springboard body splash by Hanson crushed O’Reilly through another table. In one of the most chaotic moments of the jaw-dropping melee, both teams locked into each other like Voltron to drop each other from the cage wall onto the canvas with a unified suplex. As the only competitor not involved in that ring-rattling maneuver, The One and Only worked his aerial magic, too, dropping from the skies with an incredible double-rotation moonsault from the top of the cage.

Aching in pain but energized by the fight, all eight Superstars rose to their feet and unleashed fisticuffs in the middle of the two rings as the NXT Universe erupted in excitement. The action only escalated from there, with The Raiders crushing Fish with the Fallout, and NXT Tag Team Champions Strong & O’Reilly cut down Rowe with a high-low combination.

As the carnage spread across the two rings, with Superstars sprawled around damaged and beaten, Dunne mustered up enough strength to drop Cole with a Bitter End, which was followed up by an out-of-nowhere 450 Splash by Ricochet. Both Dunne and Ricochet swung their nearly lifeless arms across Cole to score the victory, winning the war against The Undisputed ERA, and the two titleholders celebrated by ascending the WarGames structure and triumphantly lifting their championship into the air as TakeOver: WarGames II concluded.

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NXT North American Title Match: Adam Cole © vs. Ricochet

They avoided some strikes then locked up and exchanged headlocks. Ricochet caught him with a drop kick then faked an outside dive that popped the crowd. Cole taunted him outside of the ring. Cole tossed him out of the ring to the floor after avoided a strike. Cole also tossed him into the apron. Back in the ring, Cole landed a series of strikes then hit a neck breaker for 2. Ricochet fought back and was able to land a drop kick that sent Cole to the floor and then hit an outside dive. Back in the ring, Ricochet hit a head kick then a spring board uppercut for 2. Ricochet with a back elbow then a spear, kick to the back and a spring board shooting star press. Ricochet hit a phoenix splash off the middle rope for 2. Cole landed some back elbows and they exchange shots.

Ricochet went for a spring board move but Cole caught him with a back breaker for 2. Ricochet with a big right hand but blocked a superkick and hit a forearm strike. Ricochet went for a spring board moonsault but Cole hit a superkick out of nowhere then a powerslam for 2. Cole missed a kick and Ricochet rolled him up for 2. Cole with a forearm shot but they then exchanged. Ricochet with an uppercut and Cole with a head kick. Cole with a knee strike, head kick and Ricochet fired right back with Cole following on him for a near fall. Ricochet hit a reverse hurricanrana then went to the top rope but Cole rolled out of the ring. Ricochet hit a hurricanrana over the top rope to the floor. Back in the ring, Ricochet went to the top rope where he hit 630 splash for the win!

Winner: Ricochet – NEW Champion

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Match Number One: NXT Tag Team Championship: Undisputed Era (Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly [with Adam Cole]) versus Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

Strong and Lorcan start things off and Strong with a waist lock and he slaps Lorcan in the head to taunt him. Strong with a side head lock and he floats over in the corner . Lorcan with a back elbow and Burch tags in. Burch with a front face lock into a wrist lock. Strong with a front face lock and Kyle tags in and applies a side head lock and takes Burch to the mat. Kyle with a palm thrust to the head. Burch with elbows but Kyle with a kick to the head. Burch with a leg take down as Kyle goes for a leap frog. Burch with a European uppercut and he tags in Lorcan.

Burch and Lorcan suplex Strong onto Kyle. Burch and Lorcan with running European uppercuts and then they clothesline Strong and Kyle over the top rope to the floor. Cole gets Strong and Kyle to take a break and discuss strategy. Kyle gets back into the ring and he gets to the mat and Strong distracts Lorcan to allow Kyle to take advantage. Lorcan with chops but Kyle with a shoulder tackle. Lorcan with a knee to the midsection.

Burch tags in and Kyle with forearms. Strong tags in before Burch and Lorcan hit a double drop kick to the knees. Burch with a series of strikes to Strong and he hits a missile drop kick. Strong sends Burch to the floor and Burch blocks a kick from Kyle but Strong with a baseball slide to Burch. Strong sends Burch into the apron. Strong sends Burch back into the ring and Kyle tags in.

Strong with chops while Kyle kicks Burch. Kyle works on the arm and then he takes Burch to the mat with a belly-to-back suplex and Kyle goes for the leg. Strong tags in and he kicks Burch. Strong with a back breaker. Strong gets a near fall. Strong with a head lock and he Irish whips Burch into the corner. Kyle tags in and Strong with a running forearm followed by a knee from Kyle. Burch with chops but Kyle with a double leg take down and then he connects with elbows and knees to the ribs.

Kyle with punches and he goes for a cross arm breaker but Burch gets to the ropes. Strong tags in and Burch with a forearm but Strong with a drop kick for a near fall. Strong with a seated abdominal stretch. Strong misses a running knee into the corner and Burch with a back body drop. Kyle tags in and he kicks Lorcan off the apron with a Yakuza Kick. Kyle with a forearm but Burch with a head butt and both men are down. Strong and Lorcan tag in and Lorcan with clotheslines. Lorcan with a chop and clothesline. Lorcan with a running European uppercut. Lorcan chops Kyle and then he knocks Strong off the apron. Lorcan drop kicks Kyle to the floor. Lorcan with a plancha onto Strong and O’Reilly.

Lorcan with a half nelson suplex followed by a running European uppercut for a near fall. Lorcan with chops to Kyle and Strong. Lorcan with running European uppercuts. Strong tries for a back breaker but Lorcan escapes. Lorcan with a double blockbuster and Burch tags in. They hit an elevated DDT but Kyle breaks up the cover. Kyle is sent to the floor and then Lorcan goes up top while Burch puts Strong on his shoulders. Lorcan is pushed off the turnbuckles onto the apron. Strong with kicks and Kyle tags in.

Kyle misses a leg sweep and Burch with a head butt. Kyle with a jumping knee to the midsection. Kyle with a brainbuster for a near fall. Kyle goes for the cross arm breaker but Burch blocks it. He gets Burch to release his grip and he applies the cross arm breaker. Burch rolls over into the ropes to force Kyle to release the hold. Kyle with an Irish whip and Strong with a running knee into the corner followed by a face buster. Kyle with a knee and Strong gets a near fall.

Burch with a head butt to Strong and then he sends Kyle to the floor. Lorcan tags in and he hits a Blockbuster off the apron on both men. Lorcan goes up top and Burch gets Kyle on his shoulders for the European uppercut but Cole pulls Kyle out of the ring during the count.

The referee sends Cole to the back. Lorcan sends Kyle back into the ring and Lorcan has to get Kyle up. Strong pulls Burch out of the ring and sends Burch into the announce table. Kyle puts Lorcan in the guillotine and Lorcan counters into a suplex. Kyle gets a boot up when Lorcan charges into the corner. Lorcan with European uppercuts to Strong. Strong with a knee. Lorcan goes after the knee and he hits a power bomb for a near fall. Lorcan with a single leg crab but Kyle kicks Lorcan. Lorcan holds on to the single leg crab. Burch puts Kyle in a crossface. Kyle kicks Lorcan to get him to release the single leg crab.

They all exchange punches. Kyle with a kick and knee to Burch. Lorcan slaps Kyle but Strong with a jumping knee to Lorcan. Strong and O’Reilly with Total Elimination for the three count.

Winners: Undisputed Era (retain Titles)

After the match, the crowd gives Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch an ovation.

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NXT North American Championship Ladder Match: EC3 vs Killian Dain vs Lars Sullivan vs Adam Cole vs Velveteen Dream vs Ricochet

They all start brawling to kick things off as the crowd chants this is awesome. EC3 ducked out of the ring early to avoid the brawl. We see Lars and Dain left in the ring with EC3 talking trash. They went after him. Ricochet hit a dive off the top rope to the floor taking out Dain and Lars. Ricochet grabbed a ladder and climbed it in the ring but Dream cut him off with an uppercut. Ricochet attacked him from behind. Ricochet hit a hurricanrana then a drop kick. Dream knocked him off the top rope and climbed the ladder. Cole pulled him off and hit a series of forearms. Cole caught Dain with a kick then hit a neck breaker to Dream. EC3 hit a jawbreaker to Cole then knocked Lars off the apron. EC3 with a splash in the corner then a neck breaker. Lars hit a clothesline to EC3 then a powerslam to Cole and one to EC3. Dain sent Lars to the floor and hit a suicide dive to take out the big man. Dain with a clothesline to Dream then Cole hit a big boot to Dain. Everyone brawls in the ring until Lars tossed a ladder at them. Lars hit Dain with a ladder as well as everyone else. One man wrecking machine. Lars with a press slam to Dream onto a ladder. Ricochet with Dream and EC3 hit a powerbomb to Lars. Cole was on the ladder and went for the title but Dain stopped him. Dain back dropped Ricochet onto a ladder in the corner. Cole drop kicked Dain and EC3 with a face buster to Dain off the ladder. Cole and EC3 used the ladder to Lars in the corner. Cole set up a ladder between the ring and announce table and they sent Dain into chest first. EC3 mocked Cole’s taunt and Cole sent EC3 crashing onto a ladder. Cole to Dream, Dain, Lars, and EC3 and Ricochet. Cole stood tall. Cole climbed the ladder but Lars pushed him off and sent him crashing. Dream took out Lars with the ladder. Dream with an elbow drop to Dain and Cole off the top rope. Lars squashed Dream up in the corner with the ladder but Dream came back and hit him with the ladder. Dream hit an elbow drop off the top rope onto Lars. EC3 powerbombed Dream off a ladder onto another one. EC3 hit a TKO off the ladder to Cole. Dain with a big boot to EC3. Dain hit a stiff powerslam to EC3 and crushed him with a ladder by hitting a back senton. Dain hit a Vader Bomb off the middle rope to EC3 while having Cole on his back. Ricochet with a kick to Lars and Dain. Lars caught him and tossed him across the ring. Dain did the same thing to Ricochet. Lars and Dain slugged it out in the ring. Lars climbed the ladder but Ricochet stopped him with a head kick. Ricochet got on the ladder but Ricochet turned it over and Ricochet hit a moonsault off the ladder onto Dain and Cole who were outside of the ring. Insane spot. Ricochet with a kick to EC3 and hit a shooting star press on the ladder. Dream with a stiff shot to Ricochet then Ricochet landed one back to him. Dream set up a ladder in between another ladder and the turnbuckle, placed Ricochet on it and climbed it. Ricochet got back up and they battle on the ladder. Dream hit a death valley driver to Ricochet on the ladder while standing on it. Lars placed Dream on another ladder outside of the ring and chokeslammed EC3 onto Dream through the ladder. Dain put Ricochet another ladder and hit his finisher to Cole onto Ricochet through the ladder. Lars and Dain climbed the ladder and began to brawl. EC3 hit both men with a ladder then set it up next to them. Cole joined in and all started to battle it out. Dream joined in and set it up. Ricochet came in as well. Cole hit a neck breaker to EC3. Ricochet hit one to Dream and almost broke him in half. Lars with a chokeslam to Dain. Lars was bleeding from his face and climbed the ladder but Ricochet hit a spring board jump to Lars that knocked them over. Ricochet had his hands on the ladder but Cole knocked him off and grabbed the title!

Winner: Cole – first-ever champion.

NXT Tag Team Championship And Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Winners: Roderick Strong & WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne vs. The Authors of Pain vs. The Undisputed Era (c)

They all start brawling to begin the match. AOP stood tall through all of the hectic spots. AOP hit a neck breaker powerbomb for 2. They clear one of the announce tables and powerbomb Cole through it. A botched spot. O’Reilly hit Akam with a running knee then a big boot to Rezar. O’Reilly with a knee strike to Strong but Dunne went for a double wrist lock. O’Reilly got out of it with some kicks and knees. Strong with a chop then a back breaker. Strong with a knee strike to Akam and one to Rezar. O’Reilly with a triangle choke to Strong but Rezar broke it up. Akam hit a powerbomb to Dunne onto O’Reilly. Rezar with a series of knees to Strong then a side/neck choke. Rezar with a suplex to Strong. O’Reilly jumped in but Rezar knocked him down with a german suplex that sent him to the floor. AOP beat down Strong for a few minutes. Akam took out O’Reilly. Strong with a series of head kicks to Akam then tagged in Dunne, who hit a series of strikes to Rezar. Dune blocked a german suplex and hit O’Reilly with a kick. Rezar went for a powerslam but Dunne counter it into a DDT. O’Reilly and Dunne exchanged right hands in the ring. Akam took both of them out with a double clothesline. AOP hit a double powerbomb to O’Reilly and Dunne. AOP with their double team finisher to O’Reilly for 2 as Strong broke it up. Akam tossed Strong out of the ring. Akam tossed Strong into Dunne then Strong with a knee strike and a angle slam to Akam for 2. Dune with a double foot stomp to O’Reilly. Strong with a knee strike and they hit a double head kick for 2 as Rezar saved his partner. Strong sent Rezar into the steel steps. Dune with a head kick to O’Reilly then hit the Bitter End and covered him for 2. Strong broke it up and hit his finisher to Dunne. Strong put O’Reilly on top of Dunne and that’s the finish.

Winners: Cole and O’Reilly – still champs!

After the match, Strong put on the Undisputed Era’s armband and completed the heel turn by joining the group.

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History will be made at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans when six of the black-and-yellow brand’s most riveting Superstars, including two acclaimed newcomers, vie to become the first-ever NXT North American Champion in an every-man-for-himself Ladder Match.

The lineup for the inaugural NXT North American Title bout is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Featuring Adam Cole, Velveteen Dream, Killian Dain, Lars Sullivan and new NXT Superstars EC3 and Ricochet, the star-studded field underscores NXT General Manager William Regal’s promise that the new title would be contested for by the globe’s most elite competitors. It also brings into conflict six uniquely gifted Superstars in an utterly dangerous environment, where the only way to win is by scaling the ladder and retrieving the championship from high above the ring.

As the irreverent leader of Undisputed ERA, Cole has shaken the system of NXT since the triumvirate formed last year, but The Panama City Playboy has yet to win a title between the yellow ropes. The same is true of Velveteen Dream, who is coming off one of the most successful rookie years in recent memory. Could either controversial Superstar snare his first NXT championship in New Orleans?

With The Freak and The Beast of Belfast in the mix, the NXT North American Title Ladder Match has no shortage of raw hoss power. How will Sullivan’s rage-fueled brawn and Dain’s full-force attack be amplified by the presence of steel ladders?

Rounding out the incredible lineup are arguably the match’s two biggest X-factors, EC3 and Ricochet. EC3, the self-proclaimed “Top One Percent,” has the power and moxie to go the distance in his first match in WWE in five years, while Ricochet, a world-renowned high-flyer who possesses one of sports-entertainment’s most innovative arsenals, will look to soar to new heights in his TakeOver debut.

The stakes are momentous, yet so are the risks. Which Superstar will overcome the pack and climb into the history books? Watch the crowning of the first NXT North American Champion when TakeOver: New Orleans streams live on Saturday, April 7, at 8 ET/5 PT, only on the award-winning WWE Network.

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Extreme Rules Match: Adam Cole vs. Aleister Black

They started brawling to begin the match. Black caught Cole with a knee strike that sent Cole to the floor. This led to Cole getting a chair but Black ducked it and grabbed the chair. Thus, Cole ducked out of the ring. Black sat in the chair and waited. Black got rid of the chair and tossed Cole to the floor then blasted him with a right hand. Cole with a knee strike then tossed him into the apron.

Cole got some more chairs and other weapons from under the ring. Cole sent him into the barricade then got a kendo stick. Black outsmarted him with kicks and strikes. Black went for a spring board move but Cole caught him with a kendo stick to the gut. Cole hit a back stabber with the stick for 2. Cole with a series of kicks to Black on the ground. Cole got a table from under the ring, which popped the crowd. Cole had some blood on his right thigh. Cole went for a move off the top rope but it was blocked. Black sent Cole flying onto a trash can and followed it up with a knee strike for 2. Black got another table from under the ring and set up next to the other one outside the ring. Black put a ladder in the corner but Cole caught him with a sidekick to the head. Cole with a series of strikes in the corner. Black tossed him onto the ladder. Update, Cole was bleeding from his hand.

WWE doctors checked on Cole’s hand. The match continued. Cole caught Black with a chair shot to the gut but Black dropped him with a kick and hit a double footstomp. Cole tossed a chair at Black and hit a superkick sending Black falling from the top rope to the outside through two tables. Back in the ring, Cole pinned him for a near fall. Cole set up chairs with the backs together in the center of the ring. Black suplexed Cole onto them. Sick spot. Cole used a chair to get up but Black hit him with a running knee strike and covered him but O’Reilly and Fish ran down to the ring to make the save. They hit their tag team finisher to Black. They clear the announce table but Eric Young and Wolfe come down and attacked ReDragon. Killian Dain hit an outside dive to take them all out. Black hit a double footstomp to Cole through the announce table. Back in the ring, Cole caught Black with a superkick. Cole went for a chair shot but Black hit Black Mass out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Black

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Aleister Black vs. Adam Cole (Extreme Rules Match)

Aleister Black and Adam Cole will face off in a much-anticipated rematch at NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia, but this time it will be under Extreme Rules.

What better way for these two foes to settle their rivalry in The City of Brotherly Love than under an Extreme Rules stipulation? Simply put, when the Dutch destroyer collides with the leader of Undisputed ERA, anything can go — meaning the match cannot end via disqualification or count-out. Black and Cole battled for the first time on the Dec. 13, 2017, episode of NXT in a No. 1 Contender’s Tournament Match. The highly acclaimed grapplers went toe-to-toe in a tremendous match that saw the tattooed striker deliver a Black Mass to keep Cole down for the three-count.

Unfortunately for Black, that was not the last he would see of Cole and his Undisputed ERA partners Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish. The rebellious faction attacked Black during his Fatal 4-Way No. 1 Contender’s Match, quite possibly costing him an opportunity to challenge for the NXT Title at TakeOver: Philadelphia.

This conflict escalated weeks later when Black joined Roderick Strong in challenging Fish & O’Reilly for the NXT Tag Team Championship. Once again, Cole would make his presence felt, assaulting Black and costing him and Strong the match. Then, following the contest, Cole made an emphatic statement by laying out Black in front of the NXT Universe. As a result, General Manager William Regal announced that Black and Cole would battle head-to-head at TakeOver: Philadelphia in an Extreme Rules Match.

Will Cole continue to shock the system and topple one of NXT’s most dominant Superstars? Or will Black cause his adversary to fade to black yet again? Plus, what type of chaos and mayhem will unfold when two of the world’s greatest in-ring competitors collide under extreme conditions?

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– The Undisputed Era is backstage discussing tonight’s match when NXT General Manager William Regal walks in. We can’t hear what he’s saying to them.

WarGames: SAnitY vs. The Undisputed Era vs. The Authors of Pain and Roderick Strong

We go to the double-ring and the rules are explained. The music hits and out first comes NXT Tag Team Champions Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain of SAnitY. Dain and Wolfe enter the shark cages as Young enters WarGames to start. The Undisputed Era is out next. They taunt Dain and Wolfe in their shark cage. Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish enter their shark cage as Adam Cole heads to the structure. Cole stands in one ring while Young stands in the other, talking trash. Out next comes The Authors of Pain with WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering. Roderick Strong is out next to join them, wearing similar gear. Akam and Rezar enter a shark cage while Strong heads to the ring. Ellering barks at one of the referees.

Fans chant “this is awesome” as Cole, Strong and Young face off. We see the other teams in the shark cage. Young and Strong approach Cole but he swings first and Strong drops him. Young goes for Cole but Strong pulls him away. Strong and Young go at it now. Cole tries to get shots in but Strong keeps kicking him away. They all face off again for a stand-off. Mauro stresses that the match doesn’t officially start until all 9 Superstars are in. Young drops Strong and goes to work on Cole now. Strong with a backbreaker on Young. Strong and Cole go at it now trading shots. Strong blocks a dropkick and catapults Cole into the cage wall but he blocks it. Cole climbs up but Young and Strong meet him on the top rope.

They all three trade shots on the top rope now. Cole crotches them both and they fall to the mat. Cole stomps away on Strong, then Young. Strong ends up landing hard on the partition that connects the two rings. Cole goes at it with Young and hits him with a fireman’s carry into a neckbreaker over the knee. Cole turns his attention to Strong in the other ring now. Cole beats Strong down in the corner. Cole continues to keep control of both opponents now. Cole with a swinging neckbreaker on Strong, then Young.

Strong fights back with chops and a lariat on Cole. Strong takes turns on Cole and Young from corner to corner now. The clock starts counting down and one team is let loose. Fish and O’Reilly are freed. They hit the ring and go right for Strong, double teaming him.

The Undisputed Era takes out Strong and triple teams Young now, taking turns on him. Cole works on Young while Fish and O’Reilly double team Strong now. Strong takes a hard wheel-barrow suplex and rolls to the partition. Fish works on Strong while Young is double teamed. Strong gets triple teamed now after Young goes down with a kick. All three hit running attacks on Strong against the steel now. Fans cheer as The Undisputed Era reigns supreme and stands tall. The timer starts up again. Akam and Rezar are let loose now. They rush the structure.

Akam and Rezar have trouble getting in but they overpower and push the door open as The Undisputed Era tries to block them. Akam and Rezar unload on The Undisputed Era now. Cole gets launched from one ring to another. Young charges but they backdrop him from one ring to the other. The Authors launch partner Strong onto the other 4 opponents now. We get replays. Young is tied up in the Tree of Woe now, as is O’Reilly. They drive Fish and Cole into Young and O’Reilly while they’re tied upside down. Wolfe and Dain are finally freed from their shark cage.

Wolfe hits the ring with a nightstick. He unloads on Akam and Rezar with it. Dain is still hanging outside of the structure. Dain goes under the ring as Wolfe continues with the stick. Dain brings a few steel chairs, trash cans, a chain and kendo sticks into the ring. Young with chair shots for everyone. Fans chant for tables as SAnitY runs wild. Dain leaves the cage and brings a table from under the ring as fans go wild. Dain slides the table in as Wolfe and Young keep control. Dain brings another table in. Wolfe ducks a chair shot, which bounces back and hits O’Reilly in the face. Wolfe suplexes O’Reilly and slams Cole on a trash can. Dain is finally in the structure now and the door is closed, then locked.

Dain swallows the key and starts unloading. Dain faces off with Akam and enters the ring where he’s at. Dain fights off Akam and Rezar, splashing them both in the corner. Dain with a senton dropkick combo to The Authors in the corner. Dain climbs to the top rope now. He nails a crossbody on the rest of the competitors. A big “holy shit” chant starts off. Dain covers Akam but Strong breaks the pin. Cole waits with a kendo stick and tells Dain to bring it. Dain catches the stick and smacks it away. They face off. Dain picks Cole up but Fish makes the save with kicks to the leg. Fish tries a sunset flip but Dain decks him. Dain catches Cole and slams him onto Fish with a Michinoku Driver. Dain pins them both but O’Reilly breaks it.

Dain tosses Fish and O’Reilly into the steel. Dain ends up carrying Strong and Cole at once for a fall-away slam / Samoan Drop combo. Dain stands tall and faces off with Rezar now. They meet in the middle of the two rings and trade big shots. Dain eats a big boot but comes right back with a bigger boot. Dain ducks a clothesline and nails a crossbody. Akam with a big boot on Dain. Akam with a powerslam on Dain for a 2 count as O’Reilly breaks it using a chain. O’Reilly with a tornado DDT. Young grabs Cole for a suplex but Cole nails an enziguri. Strong and Fish go at it as fans chant “this is awesome” again. The Undisputed Era triple teams Strong. Dain floors Cole with a big clothesline.

Fans chant or table. Fish and O’Reilly double team Dain with kicks. Wolfe nails Fish. O’Reilly unloads on Wolfe. O’Reilly wraps the chain around Wolfe’s neck and face and arm now. O’Reilly turns that into Armageddon with the chain. Wolfe struggles with him. Young comes off the top with an elbow drop to break it up. Fish nails a big moonsault on Young as he covers O’Reilly. Everyone is down again as fans do the “NXT!” chant. Fans still want tables.

The Authors hit a Super Collider, catching Dain in the middle. Young stops the pin by The Authors on Fish. Young counters The Authors and sends them into each other. Young grabs Rezar off the top and puts him on top of Akam with a DVD. Young with a 2 count as Strong and Cole break it up. Cole and Strong go at it now. Strong runs Cole into Young and drops him over his knees. Strong with the same move on Young, then knees to Fish and O’Reilly. Strong catches Wolfe over his knee. Strong with a high knee to Dain’s face. Strong with an Angle Slam on Dain for a 2 count as Cole superkicks him to break it up.

Cole climbs to the top but Young hits him from behind. Cole fights back. Strong joins them. Strong and Young fight each other now with Cole in the middle. Wolfe and Dain join in, as do everyone else. The Authors end up nailing two big Towers of Doom. Cole is the only one left where he started. Cole poses for a pop. Akam and Rezar see Cole and go after him. Cole starts climbing. He gets crotched. The Authors leave Cole on the top and grab the two tables. They stand one table up and then the other beside it. Cole still has his back facing the tables. The Authors climb up with Cole. Wolfe and Young come over. Cole kicks Rezar away. Cole climbs for the top of the cage now. Wolfe tries to put Akam through a table and he succeeds with a super German through both of the tables. Rezar goes for Cole but Young brings Rezar down with a leaping neckbreaker. Cole is on the top of the cage now.

O’Reilly goes at it with Dain. Dain turns him upside down with a clothesline. Cole is still flat on the top of the cage. Dain grabs the trash can and puts it against O’Reilly. Dain climbs to the top now. Dain tells Cole to watch as he hits Coast to Coast, driving the trash can into O’Reilly. We get a replay of the big move. Cole is standing on the top of the cage now. Fans pop as he does his pose. Strong is the only one standing. He climbs up after Cole. Cole starts climbing down the other side of the cage for the win. Strong tries to stop him. Strong brings Cole back up. Strong nails a massive superplex from the top of the cage, bringing Cole down on top of the other 7 competitors as they waited. A “holy shit” chant starts. Strong covers Cole for a 2 count.

Fans chant “this is awesome” as everyone is laid out. Dain and Akam trade big shots at the partition now. The Authors take Dain down with a big double team Last Chapter on the steel partition. Fish and O’Reilly double team Akam now. They hit him with Total Elimination. Young tosses Fish into the corner. Wolfe takes out O’Reilly with Young’s assist. Strong slams Wolfe on his face. Strong and Cole face off from the mat. They trade shots as they get to their feet. Strong sends Cole into the steel. Young with a wheelbarrow suplex to Strong into the steel. Cole with a kendo stick shot to Young. Young tries to get up with a chair but Cole charges and drives it into him with a knee strike. Cole covers Young for the win.

Winners: Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish

– After the match, everyone is laid out as The Undisputed Era’s music hits. A referee checks on Cole as we go to replays. Cole sits up and makes it to his feet as his arm is raised. Fans pop. O’Reilly and Fish join him as we go to more replays. The Undisputed Era stands tall in the middle of the ring but they continue to sell the beating. Young recovers and we see Wolfe has been busted open. Cole does his pose again for a pop. “Takeover: WarGames” goes off the air.

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