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We go to commercial.

We are back and Adam Cole says they told you. They told the world they would run this place and that is what they have done. They survived and won the most barbaric match in NXT history. Adam says he faces Aleister Black next week. The people you have run through were not Adam Cole. You are not on his level.

Kyle O’Reilly mentions that they face Sanity in two weeks and they will win the titles. Bobby Fish says Sanity talks about chaos. Adam says that they rule the system.

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– The Undisputed Era is backstage discussing tonight’s match when NXT General Manager William Regal walks in. We can’t hear what he’s saying to them.

WarGames: SAnitY vs. The Undisputed Era vs. The Authors of Pain and Roderick Strong

We go to the double-ring and the rules are explained. The music hits and out first comes NXT Tag Team Champions Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain of SAnitY. Dain and Wolfe enter the shark cages as Young enters WarGames to start. The Undisputed Era is out next. They taunt Dain and Wolfe in their shark cage. Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish enter their shark cage as Adam Cole heads to the structure. Cole stands in one ring while Young stands in the other, talking trash. Out next comes The Authors of Pain with WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering. Roderick Strong is out next to join them, wearing similar gear. Akam and Rezar enter a shark cage while Strong heads to the ring. Ellering barks at one of the referees.

Fans chant “this is awesome” as Cole, Strong and Young face off. We see the other teams in the shark cage. Young and Strong approach Cole but he swings first and Strong drops him. Young goes for Cole but Strong pulls him away. Strong and Young go at it now. Cole tries to get shots in but Strong keeps kicking him away. They all face off again for a stand-off. Mauro stresses that the match doesn’t officially start until all 9 Superstars are in. Young drops Strong and goes to work on Cole now. Strong with a backbreaker on Young. Strong and Cole go at it now trading shots. Strong blocks a dropkick and catapults Cole into the cage wall but he blocks it. Cole climbs up but Young and Strong meet him on the top rope.

They all three trade shots on the top rope now. Cole crotches them both and they fall to the mat. Cole stomps away on Strong, then Young. Strong ends up landing hard on the partition that connects the two rings. Cole goes at it with Young and hits him with a fireman’s carry into a neckbreaker over the knee. Cole turns his attention to Strong in the other ring now. Cole beats Strong down in the corner. Cole continues to keep control of both opponents now. Cole with a swinging neckbreaker on Strong, then Young.

Strong fights back with chops and a lariat on Cole. Strong takes turns on Cole and Young from corner to corner now. The clock starts counting down and one team is let loose. Fish and O’Reilly are freed. They hit the ring and go right for Strong, double teaming him.

The Undisputed Era takes out Strong and triple teams Young now, taking turns on him. Cole works on Young while Fish and O’Reilly double team Strong now. Strong takes a hard wheel-barrow suplex and rolls to the partition. Fish works on Strong while Young is double teamed. Strong gets triple teamed now after Young goes down with a kick. All three hit running attacks on Strong against the steel now. Fans cheer as The Undisputed Era reigns supreme and stands tall. The timer starts up again. Akam and Rezar are let loose now. They rush the structure.

Akam and Rezar have trouble getting in but they overpower and push the door open as The Undisputed Era tries to block them. Akam and Rezar unload on The Undisputed Era now. Cole gets launched from one ring to another. Young charges but they backdrop him from one ring to the other. The Authors launch partner Strong onto the other 4 opponents now. We get replays. Young is tied up in the Tree of Woe now, as is O’Reilly. They drive Fish and Cole into Young and O’Reilly while they’re tied upside down. Wolfe and Dain are finally freed from their shark cage.

Wolfe hits the ring with a nightstick. He unloads on Akam and Rezar with it. Dain is still hanging outside of the structure. Dain goes under the ring as Wolfe continues with the stick. Dain brings a few steel chairs, trash cans, a chain and kendo sticks into the ring. Young with chair shots for everyone. Fans chant for tables as SAnitY runs wild. Dain leaves the cage and brings a table from under the ring as fans go wild. Dain slides the table in as Wolfe and Young keep control. Dain brings another table in. Wolfe ducks a chair shot, which bounces back and hits O’Reilly in the face. Wolfe suplexes O’Reilly and slams Cole on a trash can. Dain is finally in the structure now and the door is closed, then locked.

Dain swallows the key and starts unloading. Dain faces off with Akam and enters the ring where he’s at. Dain fights off Akam and Rezar, splashing them both in the corner. Dain with a senton dropkick combo to The Authors in the corner. Dain climbs to the top rope now. He nails a crossbody on the rest of the competitors. A big “holy shit” chant starts off. Dain covers Akam but Strong breaks the pin. Cole waits with a kendo stick and tells Dain to bring it. Dain catches the stick and smacks it away. They face off. Dain picks Cole up but Fish makes the save with kicks to the leg. Fish tries a sunset flip but Dain decks him. Dain catches Cole and slams him onto Fish with a Michinoku Driver. Dain pins them both but O’Reilly breaks it.

Dain tosses Fish and O’Reilly into the steel. Dain ends up carrying Strong and Cole at once for a fall-away slam / Samoan Drop combo. Dain stands tall and faces off with Rezar now. They meet in the middle of the two rings and trade big shots. Dain eats a big boot but comes right back with a bigger boot. Dain ducks a clothesline and nails a crossbody. Akam with a big boot on Dain. Akam with a powerslam on Dain for a 2 count as O’Reilly breaks it using a chain. O’Reilly with a tornado DDT. Young grabs Cole for a suplex but Cole nails an enziguri. Strong and Fish go at it as fans chant “this is awesome” again. The Undisputed Era triple teams Strong. Dain floors Cole with a big clothesline.

Fans chant or table. Fish and O’Reilly double team Dain with kicks. Wolfe nails Fish. O’Reilly unloads on Wolfe. O’Reilly wraps the chain around Wolfe’s neck and face and arm now. O’Reilly turns that into Armageddon with the chain. Wolfe struggles with him. Young comes off the top with an elbow drop to break it up. Fish nails a big moonsault on Young as he covers O’Reilly. Everyone is down again as fans do the “NXT!” chant. Fans still want tables.

The Authors hit a Super Collider, catching Dain in the middle. Young stops the pin by The Authors on Fish. Young counters The Authors and sends them into each other. Young grabs Rezar off the top and puts him on top of Akam with a DVD. Young with a 2 count as Strong and Cole break it up. Cole and Strong go at it now. Strong runs Cole into Young and drops him over his knees. Strong with the same move on Young, then knees to Fish and O’Reilly. Strong catches Wolfe over his knee. Strong with a high knee to Dain’s face. Strong with an Angle Slam on Dain for a 2 count as Cole superkicks him to break it up.

Cole climbs to the top but Young hits him from behind. Cole fights back. Strong joins them. Strong and Young fight each other now with Cole in the middle. Wolfe and Dain join in, as do everyone else. The Authors end up nailing two big Towers of Doom. Cole is the only one left where he started. Cole poses for a pop. Akam and Rezar see Cole and go after him. Cole starts climbing. He gets crotched. The Authors leave Cole on the top and grab the two tables. They stand one table up and then the other beside it. Cole still has his back facing the tables. The Authors climb up with Cole. Wolfe and Young come over. Cole kicks Rezar away. Cole climbs for the top of the cage now. Wolfe tries to put Akam through a table and he succeeds with a super German through both of the tables. Rezar goes for Cole but Young brings Rezar down with a leaping neckbreaker. Cole is on the top of the cage now.

O’Reilly goes at it with Dain. Dain turns him upside down with a clothesline. Cole is still flat on the top of the cage. Dain grabs the trash can and puts it against O’Reilly. Dain climbs to the top now. Dain tells Cole to watch as he hits Coast to Coast, driving the trash can into O’Reilly. We get a replay of the big move. Cole is standing on the top of the cage now. Fans pop as he does his pose. Strong is the only one standing. He climbs up after Cole. Cole starts climbing down the other side of the cage for the win. Strong tries to stop him. Strong brings Cole back up. Strong nails a massive superplex from the top of the cage, bringing Cole down on top of the other 7 competitors as they waited. A “holy shit” chant starts. Strong covers Cole for a 2 count.

Fans chant “this is awesome” as everyone is laid out. Dain and Akam trade big shots at the partition now. The Authors take Dain down with a big double team Last Chapter on the steel partition. Fish and O’Reilly double team Akam now. They hit him with Total Elimination. Young tosses Fish into the corner. Wolfe takes out O’Reilly with Young’s assist. Strong slams Wolfe on his face. Strong and Cole face off from the mat. They trade shots as they get to their feet. Strong sends Cole into the steel. Young with a wheelbarrow suplex to Strong into the steel. Cole with a kendo stick shot to Young. Young tries to get up with a chair but Cole charges and drives it into him with a knee strike. Cole covers Young for the win.

Winners: Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish

– After the match, everyone is laid out as The Undisputed Era’s music hits. A referee checks on Cole as we go to replays. Cole sits up and makes it to his feet as his arm is raised. Fans pop. O’Reilly and Fish join him as we go to more replays. The Undisputed Era stands tall in the middle of the ring but they continue to sell the beating. Young recovers and we see Wolfe has been busted open. Cole does his pose again for a pop. “Takeover: WarGames” goes off the air.

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Match Number Four: Roderick Strong versus Adam Cole

They lock up and they go around the ring to a stalemate. Strong with a double leg take down into a front face lock and an arm bar. Strong with a chin lock but Cole with a hammer lock. Strong with a snap mare but Cole returns to the hammer lock. Strong with a side head lock take down. Cole with a head scissors. Strong escapes and Cole pushes Strong. Strong wtih chops but Cole with forearms. Cole kicks Strong away and Strong misses a clothesline. Cole with an elbow and kicks. Strong with a drop kick and Cole goes to the floor. Strong with a running forearm off the apron.

Strong chops Cole and they return to the ring. Cole uses the referee for a distraction and Cole super kicks Strong to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Cole with kicks to Strong. Cole with a hard Irish whip. Cole with an elbow drop and he gets a near fall. Cole with a reverse chin lock. Strong with punches and Cole with a back elbow to stop Strong. Cole gets a near fall. Cole with a figure four head scissors. Strong bridges back and gets a near fall. Cole with a sleeper and Strong falls to a knee. Cole puts his body weight on Strong to add more pressure. Strong backs Cole into the corner and Cole returns to the sleeper but Strong with a back breaker.

Cole and Strong with forearms and then Strong with chops to Cole as he also sends him into the turnbuckles. Strong floats over on an Irish whip and he hits a flying clothesline. Strong with forearms in the corner followed by a running forearm. Cole avoids an Olympic Slam but Strong hits a back breaker and gets a near fall. Strong gets Cole on his shoulders but Cole gets to his feet and hits an enzuigiri for a near fall. Cole tries for a suplex but Strong lands on his feet.

Strong with kicks and Cole with a superkick followed by a shoulder breaker out of a brainbuster for a near fall. Cole picks up Strong but Strong with forearms and a jumping knee to the head. Cole is put on the turnbuckles but Cole with elbows to Strong to stop him. Strong with punches and then he hits a back breaker on the top turnbuckle. Fish and O’Reilly pull Strong out of the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Roderick Strong (By disqualification)

After the match, Akam and Rezar make their way to the ring to join Strong.

Sanity comes through the crowd and they enter the ring.

All nine men brawl in the ring until people start going to the floor. Wolfe with a dive onto everyone but Strong and Cole. Cole with a super kick to Strong. Strong puts Cole on the turnbuckles and hits a superplex onto everyone on the floor. We go to credits.

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Adam Cole and The Undisputed ERA have vowed to shock the system of NXT, and the unlawful collective will get a chance to do just that when Cole challenges NXT Champion Drew McIntyre for the title at NXT Live in San Antonio on Friday, Nov. 17.

Not only that, but San Antonio native son and WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels will serve as the match’s special guest referee.

The newly confirmed NXT Title Match is slated for NXT’s return to the Aztec Theatre, just one night before NXT TakeOver: WarGames comes to the Toyota Center in Houston.

Cole, who made his shocking NXT debut in August by ambushing McIntyre moments after he won the NXT Title, recently commented on his championship ambitions in an interview with WWE.com.

“As far as Drew, he’s an impressive athlete,” Cole said. “Drew had been chasing that NXT Championship, and he finally achieved his dream. I almost feel bad for the guy. I feel bad that after all that hard work, all the sacrifice, it’s going to be taken away by me. And there’s not a damn thing he can do about it.”

Don’t miss out on this monumental NXT Title Match when sports-entertainment’s hottest brand returns to Alamo City on Friday, Nov. 17. Tickets are available now at NXTtickets.com.

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In the parking lot, The Undisputed Era tries to speak with Roderick Strong. We can’t hear any auto of the confrontation but Strong doesn’t seem to be interested in whatever Adam Cole is selling.

Six Man Tag Match: The Undisputed Era vs SAnity

Fish kicks Wolfe in the leg. Fish tries it again but Wolfe catches Fish’s foot. Wolfe decks Fish. Fish tags in O’Reilly. Wolfe picks up O’Reilly and toss him clear across the ring. Young tags in and hits an elbow. Dain is in. Dain splashes O’Reilly in the corner. Running elbow by Wolfe. Fish distracts Young long enough for O’Reilly to land a flurry of strikes. Fish sends Young into the corner. Young grabs Cole by the throat Fish kicks Young in the back of the head. Young falls to the outside. After a short break, Cole is raining down punches on Young. Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly take turns working over Young. Double suplex by Fish and O’Reilly. O’Reilly knocks Wolfe off the apron with a running boot. O’Reilly charges at Young but Young moves out of the way.

O’Reilly crashes into the corner. Young crawls to tag in Dain. Fish cuts Young off but Young escapes and tags in Dain. Dain clear the ring. Dain blast O’Reilly with a front dropkick. Dain lands on Fish in a senton. Dain Samoan drops O’Reilly and fall away slams Fish at the same time. Senton splash by Dain. Dain hits a Vader Bomb on Fish but Cole breaks up the pin. Young and Wolfe hit a leaping neck breaker/back suplex combo on O’Reilly. Fish and O’Reilly are down so Cole is all alone. SAnity surrounds Cole. Dain brings Cole back into the ring by his head. Young, Wolfe, and Dain set Cole up in what looked to be a double powerbomb/leg drop combo. Before SAnity can hit their finish, The Authors of Pain’s music hits. The AoP and Paul Ellering storm down to ringside. Wofle runs right into a big boot by Rezar. Young dives through the ropes but Akam sends Young into the ramp face first. Akam and Rezar double team Dain then hit the Supercollider on Wolfe and Young. Ellering hands Akama and Rezar the tag titles as Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly look on in terror.

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Adam Cole, Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly have invaded NXT with a brash attitude and intentions to shake up the system at its very core. They’re three men with internationally acclaimed backgrounds that share one common goal: to rule NXT.

When Cole, Fish & O’Reilly first burst onto the scene at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III, their impact was immediately felt by then-new NXT Champion Drew McIntyre, who was the target of a blindside attack. Since then, the Superstars known as The Undisputed ERA have expanded their campaign of mayhem to include SAnitY. This week, all three men sit down with WWE.com to discuss their relationship with each other and their objectives in NXT.

WWE.COM: Thank you for joining me, gentlemen. Adam, let’s start with you. Why did the three of you choose NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III as your moment to burst onto the scene of NXT?

ADAM COLE: Here’s the deal. You don’t make a statement unless you make noise. We knew that what we were doing was going to cause a lot of ruckus. We knew it would get people talking. And that’s exactly what we wanted. The only way you make a name for yourself in this sport is to make a statement, a loud statement, and that’s exactly what we did at TakeOver: Brooklyn.

WWE.COM: Bobby, you made your NXT debut several months prior to Cole and O’Reilly’s arrivals. Did you know about the planned invasion back then?

BOBBY FISH: Nothing I do is impulsive; everything I do is based around a sound strategy. Of course I knew all along. This was a deliberate course of action designed to expose the holes within NXT, capitalize on those weaknesses, and ensure success.

WWE.COM: Kyle, you and Fish have had a great deal of worldwide success as a tag team, while you and Cole have been rivals and partners in the past. What’s the relationship been like among all three of you?

KYLE O’REILLY: The three of us have traveled the world together and headlined pay-per-views, both as friends and enemies. We’ve been bitter career rivals that competed and strived for our own personal gain and success. In that same breath, we are ready and willing to put aside any grievance for the common good and underlying goal. Bobby and I have always had each other’s backs and are like brothers. Our past tag team success is a direct result of this mentality. We were once known as “reDRagon.” We captured the IWGP Junior Tag Team Titles in Japan for two reigns, including a successful title defense in the Tokyo Dome.

Adam and I haven’t exactly had such a cut-and-dry relationship. We initially started as a tag team known as “Future Shock” in Ring of Honor, however, when two hard-nosed, competitive athletes like ourselves strive to be the best in this industry, there is bound to be a falling out, and let’s just say we settled things in the ring like men. Adam Cole is perhaps my greatest opponent, and there is nobody else I would rather trust my life with. We’ve put aside our differences because we know the best chance we have to make an impact in WWE is together as a unit. Steel sharpens steel and the three of us demand and expect one another to continue our dominance in NXT and prove to the WWE Universe that we are, in fact, undisputed.

WWE.COM: Speaking of being “undisputed,” how did you guys come up with your group name, The Undisputed ERA?

COLE: When you say the word “undisputed,” what do you think of? You think of something that is untouchable, undeniable. Myself, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly are all of those things. We’ve proven before we got here that we are one in a million, and we’ll do it again here in NXT. Also, people talk about the different eras in wrestling — The Golden Era, The Attitude Era, The Reality Era. This is our era; it’s our time to show the world who runs this sport.

O’REILLY: The Undisputed ERA isn’t just a cute name that’s meant to sell a bunch of T-shirts. It’s our mantra. It’s our way of life. Our success is a direct result of the effort and dominance that we put forth inside the squared circle. We are undisputed. This is our era.

WWE.COM: Is there any concern that you’ve made too many enemies too quickly, in both Drew McIntyre and SAnitY?

COLE: SAnitY prides itself on being unpredictable, right? Well, nothing turned the NXT Universe upside down like The Undisputed ERA’s debut. I respect the fact that SAnitY marches to the beat of their own drum, but the problem is, they aren’t on our level.

As far as Drew, he’s an impressive athlete. Drew had been chasing that NXT Championship, and he finally achieved his dream. I almost feel bad for the guy. I feel bad that after all that hard work, all the sacrifice, it’s going to be taken away by me. And there’s not a damn thing he can do about it.

FISH: Being the best at what one does naturally creates enemies; it’s the world we live in. Success is no accident, but one thing it breeds is contempt from those who aren’t willing to put in the work required to achieve it. Success is all we know; it’s in our DNA. Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep, and whether it’s walking through that locker room or inside the ring, we know no fear. The insecurity of others is not our concern.

O’REILLY: Frankly, we aren’t afraid of making enemies. There’s a saying in this sport I’ve heard countless times: “You can make friends, or you can make money.” Enough said. We are here to make money. The more enemies we have, the more big-money matches we make. I welcome anybody who claims they are offended by our actions to say so to our face. It just makes it easier to discern that you are, in fact, an enemy of the state to us. The only guys I care about are Bobby, Adam and myself.

WWE.COM: What message do you have for the rest of NXT?

FISH: You will never understand what drives The Undisputed ERA, so as hard as you might try, you simply can’t relate to us. We are here to break the will of all those we come in contact with. I will quote the incomparable Conor McGregor when I tell you, The Undisputed ERA didn’t come here to take part; we came here to take over!

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In Ring Segment: Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly

Cole asks how NXT survived without Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly. Cole feels something in the air that is new. Everyone needs to close their eyes and feel it. That feeling you feel is change. That change is Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly. They are undefeatable and undisputed. This is their era.

Adam Cole w/Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly vs Eric Young w/SAnity

Young stares at Cole. Cole yells at Young to fight him. Cole misses a right hand. Young double legs Cole and lands a few punches. Young and Cole get tied up in the ropes. The referee tries to separate them. Cole decks Young. Cole tries to yell Adam Cole Bay-Bay, but Young almost takes his head off with a right hand. Cole telegraphs a back body drop which allows Young to land a swinging neck breaker. Fish and O’Reilly distract Young long enough for Cole to attack him from behind. Wolfe and Dain back Fish and O’Reilly up. Cole locks in a rear chin lock. Young gets back up to a vertical base but Cole knees Young in the gut. Young rolls out to the apron. Cole lands a leaping roundhouse kick.

Cole knees Young in the spine before going back to the rear chin lock. Young fight out of it but Cole manages to slap a sleeper on Young. Young reverses it into a back suplex. Cole charges at Young but Young gets an elbow up. Young fires up and lands a few more clotheslines and a neck breaker. Young goes up top but Cole cuts him off. Young knocks Cole off the apron. Fish and O’Reilly get on the apron. Wolfe and Dain attack Fish and O’Reilly. Instead of dropping the elbow on Cole, Young dives to the outside onto everyone! Young gets back int he ring and as soon as he turns around Cole obliterates him with a shining wizard for the win.

Winner- Adam Cole……. BAY-BAY!

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Adam Cole will get his first taste of in-ring action in NXT when he makes his debut inside the yellow ropes tonight, facing one-half of the NXT Tag Team Champions, SAnitY’s Eric Young.

SAnitY has been at odds with Cole, Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly since TakeOver: Brooklyn III, when the opportunistic trio first made their presence felt. On that night, Fish & O’Reilly jumped Young & Alexander Wolfe from behind after their NXT Tag Team Title win. Later in the evening, Cole was revealed as the group’s third man, joining Fish & O’Reilly to beat down newly crowned NXT Champion Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre and SAnitY scored a measure of retribution last week when they used the outsiders’ surprise tactics against them: Following Fish & O’Reilly’s victory over Tyler Bate & Trent Seven, McIntyre and SAnitY emerged on the scene and sent the triumvirate scrambling.

What should the NXT Universe expect when the 28-year-old Cole, wildly talented, famously brash and long-rumored to be on his way to WWE, competes for the first time in a sanctioned NXT match? Don’t miss a second of the action when NXT streams at 8/7 C, exclusively on the award-winning WWE Network.

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Match Number Four: Tyler Bate and Trent Seven versus Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly (with Adam Cole)

Kyle and Tyler start things off. Kyle goes for the leg and then he applies a wrist lock. Tyler with a drop kick. Trent tags in and he gets Kyle on his shoulder and takes Kyle down and Tyler with a senton and Trent gets a near fall. Kyle with a knee and Fish tags in. Fish is sent over the top rope to the floor. Kyle stops Trent from a dive to the floor. Fish with a running back elbow as he gets back into the ring while Trent is distracted. Fish with knees and a snap mare. Fish with a double jump slingshot senton for a near fall. Fish with knees and then Kyle tags in and they hit a double suplex for a near fall.

Kyle tags Bobby back in and they work on the arms and then they hit a double round kick and Fish gets a near fall. Fish with punches and Trent chops Fish. Trent with another chop. Fish flinches on a chop attempt and Trent decides to hit a DDT instead. Kyle tags in and he kicks Tyler off the apron. Trent chops Kyle and Kyle with a take down and then he connects with a knee and palm strikes. Kyle goes for a cross arm breaker but Trent gets to the ropes.

Cole gets on the apron to argue with the referee and that allows Fish to run Trent into the guardrails.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Fish gets a near fall on Trent. Fish with forearms but Trent gets his boots up when Fish goes into the corner. Seven with a short arm clothesline. Kyle and Tyler tag in and Tyler with a knee lift and he goes to the turnbuckles for a European uppercut. Tyler with a waist lock and he tries for a deadlift German suplex but Kyle with a standing switch. Bate drops down and goes under but Kyle with an elbow. Tyler catches Kyle in the corner and hits an Exploder followed by a shooting star press but Fish breaks up the cover. Trent and Tyler with a spike power bomb and Tyler gets a near fall with a bridge. Trent with a suicide dive on Bobby. Tyler goes for the Tyler Driver 97 but Kyle counters into a guillotine.

Tyler powers up to his feet and he turns it into a suplex attempt but Fish stops Trent on the apron and then Fish and Kyle hit Chasing the Dragon and Tyler gets his toes on the rope to stop the count. They set for Chasing the Dragon again but Tyler sends Bobby into Kyle. Trent tags in and he connects with strikes to Kyle and fish. Kyle applies the cross arm breaker but Trent blocks it momentarily and then Trent with a single leg crab. Fish with a kick and then Cole super kicks Bate on the floor. Kyle and Bobby hit Total Elimination on Trent for the three count.

Winners: Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly

After the match, Drew McIntyre’s music plays and he makes his way onto the stage and then he walks to the ring.

Bobby, Kyle, and Adam leave the ring when Drew enters. They go into the crowd.

Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, and Killian Dain show up behind Fish, O’Reilly, and Cole.

All six men battle and then Drew gets a shot in on O’Reilly.

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Match Number Four: Wolfgang versus Pete Dunne for the WWE UK Title

Dunne with a wrist lock but Wolfgang slams Dunne and Dunne holds on to the wrist lock. Dunne adds a chin lock and then he turns it into a hammer lock. Dunne kicks Wolfgang in the head. Dunne starts to manipulate the fingers and then he gets a near fall. Dunne with a wrist lock and Wolfgang with a waist lock. Dunne with a hammer lock but Wolfgang with a reversal into a cravate. Dunne with a take down but Wolfgang holds on to the cravate. Dunne gets to the ropes and Wolfgang releases the hold. Dunne with a forearm and kicks to the head.

Wolfgang with a waist lock take down and he does it again. Wolfgang with a gutwrench suplex and he hits a cross body into the corner and goes to the apron. Dunne goes up top and he goes after the fingers and Wolfgang goes to the apron. Dunne with a slingshot DDT onto the apron as we go to commercial.

We are back and Dunne with a wrist lock and then he applies a Kimura and body scissors. Wolfgang turns it into a suplex to get out of the hold. Wolfgang with a splash into the corner but Dunne with a running kick into the corner. Wolfgang with a spear to a charging Dunne. Dunne goes to the floor and Wolfgang holds his neck and shoulder. Wolfgang with a plancha onto Dunne and then he sends him back into the ring. Wolfgang with a moonsault for a near fall. Wolfgang goes for a suplex but Dunne counters with a suplex throw. Dunne goes up top but Wolfgang with a punch to stop him.

Wolfgang sets for a superplex and he adds a delay before sending Dunne to the mat. Wolfgang goes up top for the swanton but Dunne catches him and applies a cross arm breaker. Dunne turns it into a triangle but Wolfgang pulls Dunne up. Dunne with a forearm but Wolfgang with a boot. Dunne with an enzuigiri but Wolfgang with a power slam for a near fall. Dunne with a German suplex but Wolfgang with a clothesline. Dunne with a forearm and he follows with the Bitter End and he gets the three count.

Winner: Pete Dunne

After the match, Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, and Bobby Fish come to the ring and corner Dunne.

Dunne with a forearm to Kyle but Cole and Fish attack Dunne. Wolfgang goes after Kyle and then Fish and Cole attack Woflgang while Dunne heads up the ramp.

Dunne looks at the ring and he goes back to the ring . . . to get his belt and he leaves.

Cole waits for Fish and Kyle to hold Wolfgang and Cole with a Shining Wizard.

Trent Seven and Tyler Bate come to the ring to check on Wolfgang.

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